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Rock and Speed

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Chapter One: Neighbors

Kiki leaned on the railing of the fire escape, staring down the twenty-some stories of the apartment building as she contemplated the seconds until she hit terminal velocity from this height. No, no, suicide wasn't on her mind; just science, she thought.

The window of the apartment next door slid upward and footsteps sounded on the other side of the metal walkway, but she paid it no mind as she rested her chin in her hands. The wind whipped her hair into her face as a distant rumble of thunder broke the humid stillness.

"Ah, shit, there goes the concert tonight!" She heard a lighter being flicked and continued muttering, something about the damn thing not lighting, and she turned her head to look. A woman sat on the rail with relative ease, a hand cupped around her cigarette as she tried to light it. Her brows knit together and her lips curled down, eyes nearly crossing from the intensity of her focus, and Kiki couldn't help but smile a little.

"Want some help?" She pulled a box of matches out of her jacket pocket and walked over, standing so she could block the wind.

"Thanks, babe." She held the cigarette firmly in her lips. Kiki struck the match on the side of the box and lifted it, the flame warming her fingertips and lighting the end of the paper. The stranger sucked in some air and exhaled a small cloud of smoke before smiling a bit. "Ahh, that's the ticket."

"No problem." She tucked the matches into her pocket, shaking the used one until the flame went out and putting the wooden end between her teeth. The burnt odor didn't bother her too much. "You said something about a concert?"

"Yeah." She plucked the cigarette from her mouth and tapped the ashes behind her, relaxing considerably. "My buddies and I had a gig; stupid weather just ruined all the plans, we'd rented out some of the park." She raised the cancer stick to her lips and paused, narrowing her eyes. "Hey, ain't you Jan's girl?"

"No, that would be my sister, Capri." She held her hand out, a little. "I'm Kiki. We're identical twins. Even down to the uh," she waved her other hand at her face, "brown and blue."

"Nifty." She smiled and took her hand, shaking it. "I'm Toni. Toni Terror." The smile turned to a grin. "Well, stage name's Terror, but I prefer using it."
"Wait." Kiki's jaw dropped a bit. "You're *the* Toni Terror, of the Time Lords?" The girl's smile widened, though her cheeks turned a bit pink.

"Yep, that'd be me," she said. "And Dale Seraf is our beat master, and Vince Magnum is our bassist." She took another drag and ran her hand through her short red hair. It didn't seem to be styled with gel or spray, looked touchable and soft. Stop it, Kiki, she scolded herself. "I play guitar and vocalize.. and stuff." She looked into the window across from her, lips pursing in annoyance. "And there goes Dale messing with my shit." She tapped the growing ashes off again and crossed her arms. "Probably need to put him back in his place again."

"You don't get along with your band mates?" Kiki sat down against the railing, knees against her chest.

"No, I do. Dale and I..." She blew a smoke ring. "We've been together a long time. It's a mutual thing. We piss each other off to keep each other on top of our games." She grinned again and slid off the rail, bare feet hitting the walkway. "Fuck, that's cold."

"It's the end of fall, what did you think it would feel like?" Kiki giggled, then quieted down when Toni raised an eyebrow.

"You're cute." She put a finger under Kiki's chin and lifted her head. "Do you ever smile?"

"Once in awhile. Don't really have much reason to." Kiki blinked. "Ah... Are you asking me to smile?"

"Damn straight, I am." She paused. "No, I'm not. Wait." She laughed, relaxing a bit as she moved her hand up to Kiki's cheek. "Just smile for me, beautiful."

Kiki frowned at first, but Toni simply continued to smile; a gentle one, with a pair of snake bite lip rings and a flat, diamond-shaped stud just below the center of her bottom lip. The corners of her own mouth lifted up, a little, but resisted the movement.

"Almost smiling, come on." Her smile widened and Toni leaned in a little. "You're so pretty when you're grouchy, bet you're even cuter with a smile on."

"I probably am. I wouldn't know." Kiki glanced away, but when she looked back, Toni had stuck out her tongue to reveal a stud with a red cog in the center. Her eyes were also crossed. She couldn't help it; she began laughing, giggling even. "Are you trying to be sexy, or is it just natural?" she teased through her chuckles.

"Oh, sweetheart, you should see me in a dress." She let go of Kiki, still smiling. "I take it you live with Jan and his folks next door then?" She finished her cigarette and threw the remnants of it over the rail.

"Yeah." She rubbed her neck, exhaled and looked back at her own bedroom window. "Get kind of sick of the shit they pull."

"Well, if you ever want a dose of rock-related drugs instead of just good ol' speed-" Toni leaned in and pressed her lips to her cheek. "-Just tap on my window. Shave and a haircut, y'know the tune?" She grinned and slipped back into her window, shutting it but for an inch of space. After a few minutes, it slid back up and she peeked out. "Um. You gonna be around anywhere tomorrow?" She sounded a little hopeful.

"Yeah; I'll be next door." Kiki smiled, just a little, which made Toni smile all the harder.

"Good. I'll be by with some CDs if you wanna listen, just random tracks from different concerts. Not-Not to pimp my own stuff. Just, the other guys heard me talking to you, said we need an honest groupie," she waved her hands, rolling her eyes, "so you're my groupie now, if that's fine."

"What're the rules?" Kiki sat down in front of the window, giggling.

"Eh, gimme head whenever I ask." Toni snorted with laughter. "But mostly it's just to have someone with a vagina to hang out with. It's boring as fuck living with a bunch of guys, constantly, and they all have their people to chill with anyway."

"What about you and Dale? Aren't you two..." She made an obscene hand gesture that made Toni just about choke on her laughter.

"We're not exclusive; like I said, it's a mutual thing. Sex just comes with the package because he's hot, we've been friends since we were kids, and the chemistry's pretty good." She chewed on her thumbnail for a second. "You with anybody? Shit, if the groupie thing pisses somebody off that you're with, I take it back-"

"I haven't been with anybody since we moved out here, so, you're fine. Only one that might get pissy is my sister, since she told me she set me up for a date tomorrow." She grimaced. "Not really liking the idea of dating a gang-banger to be honest with you."

"So date just a regular banger then." She smiled. "A guitarist. Rock banging, music banging, stuff."

"You're drunk." Kiki smiled. Toni just stuck her tongue out and shut the window again.


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